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JOSM Globalsat GPX Import Plugin

I like to have toolchains which are nicely integrated and support me through the complete workflow in a smooth way. That’s why I’ve written a plugin for JOSM to download the GPS data directly from my the Globalsat DG100 data logger. The Track- and Waypoints are imported into a GPXLayer, from where they can be stored in a GPX file and hopefully uploaded to the OSM server in near future. The Code is heavily inspired by the Java DG100Utils and even use some of the classes from Stefan Kaintoch.

To use the plugin make sure you installed rxtx libraries. Try this file: from

Get the plugin at

If you want to take a look at the source, improve it or want to use it as a base for a similar plugin for your GPS device, feel free to check it out via:
svn co
Of cause I’d be happy to support you where ever possible.

I get the error „Cannot load rxtxSerial.“ What ist wrong?
This plugin needs the native rxtx library. A quick fix: If you run Windows you need to copy rxtxSerial.dll e. g. to your Windows\system32 directory. On Linux could be copied to /usr/lib. A better alternative would be to use -Djava.library.path=./path/to/dir/with/library/ which should work on all systems.

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