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This WordPress plugin simplifies tagging of images with a CreativeCommons license using RDFa to enable search engines to understand the licensing meta data. The plugin also adds the Name and the Author-URL to set the cc:attributionName and cc:attributionURL.

How it works? Here is an example:
[cc lic="by" port="de"]
<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/spiegel-400x400.jpg" />

So, it is easy. Just add the shortcode cc around your image. There are several attributes you may want to set in the shortcode:

lic for the CC-license (by, by-nc, …)
port for the Jurisdiction
version for the license version
link to define whether a link to the license shall be added.

You can already have a look in the SVN tree: or the plugin page on

You may also want to take a look at the Progressive License Plugin, to tag the complete post with CC licenses.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment here.


If you want to give me anything for this plugin meet me in a pub and pay me a beer.

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  1. Bruce meint:

    So this basically just protects your image by assigning a license to it? Is that how it works?

  2. ramack meint:

    Yes and no. – Yes, because the image is there and additional data is near the image: the information about the license, basically in form of a link to the full license text. – No, because it is not about protecting images, but granting rights. Per se the images are copyrighted and it is forbidden to just use the image. The CC-tags allow the world to do some things with the image. Read the CreativeCommons webpage for details about the philosophy about sharing copyrighted information and the licenses.

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