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  • 2007-11-12: updated to use new Gpx datastructures of josm. Reenabled azimuth measurement, iff two nodes are selected
  • 2007-07-02: added support to import data from gps layer to measurement layer (as path)
  • 2007-07-02: compiled for java 5

In my java course at the university I had the chance to contribute to a java open source project of my choice. Therefore I implemented a small plugin for JOSM the java editor for OpenStreetMap. The plugin provides functionality to measure the length of segments/ways (by simply selecting them) or the draw a „path“ on a separate measurement layer and show the length of that. Additionally the angle is shown when a single segment is selected.

If you find this plugin useful and have any suggestions to improve it please give me a hint and I’ll see what I can do. Of cause you are welcome to directly provide patches.

Donwload from:, to install it, see howto at the bottom of

Get the source: svn co measurement

Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot of measurement JOSM plugin Screenshot of measurement JOSM plugin

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  1. Irene meint:

    I’m a new user of JOSM, but I find your plugin really really interesting!! You did a good work!!
    I’d like to know if there is a way to save the length of the selection or the length of the path in the tag.
    Thank you so much

  2. ramack meint:

    Hi Irene,

    thanks for the encouraging words. So far it is not possible to store the measurement directly in a tag. But while thinking about it, I’m more and more convinced, that this does not make much sense. If the length of a path is exactly what is measured from the existing data what is it worth? It would only cost disk space, and any application using the map data could just recalculate it. What happens, if a nod is added and moved slightly, to improve the resolution of the map data? Then the path length is out of sync.

    What do you think? – Or did I misunderstand you completely?


  3. thooby meint:

    I am interested in closed ways measurement areas and I like your plugin. But I don’t understand what does mean angle in that case. I understand what is „longitud de la seleccion“ (selection length}, but what does mean in a closed way „longitud del recorrido“ (path length).

    Thanks for your work.


  4. ramack meint:

    Hi thooby,

    the angle is not meaningful if a closes way is selected. Actually even if an open way is selected is is kind of strange: It gives the angle of the last segment of the way (in both cases). The angle is more useful, if you select two nodes.

    I hope this helps, kind regrads,

  5. cbunn meint:

    Great plugin. It would be great if you could change the unit of measurement to miles as well so I wouldn’t have to convert it myself. Thanks.

  6. ramack meint:

    Hello cbunn,
    Oh, this is a great idea. Anyhow, I’m more or less out of OSM business (interests shift from time to time) so I’ll probably never touch the code again. But as it is in the OSM repository, anyone (given a few java skills and a cup of motivation) should be able to implement this.


  7. oekel meint:

    ich hätte gerne ein paar Zeilen aus deinem measurement Plugin wiederverwendet. Allerdings finde ich nirgends den Quellcode. Möchte eigentlich nur schnell schauen wie gut du die mathematischen Berechnungne implementiert hast. Die Gui interessiert mich nur am Rande, da ich JOSM auch nur als jar eingebunden habe und nie wirklich ausführen werde.

    Grüße David

  8. ramack meint:

    die sourcen sind mittlerweile im offiziellen josm repo:
    svn co


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